Case Studies

This is work we have done over the years for different clients

When Madaleen came to us 4 years ago she has a multisite with 7 websites that had all been infected with malware. She runs an agency and everyday the websites were down she was loosing money so; it took us a day but we got them back then we disassembled the Multisite to reduce the risk of infecting the whole network if one website is affected. After that we added security to all the websites and to date none of her websites have been hacked again. We maintain her plugins, run Vulnerability Scans regularly and maintain good website hygiene

Brand X is a brand marketing agency and we have had many requests from them over the years. We host all their client websites and provide support. You can see a testimonial from Michael about his experience with us. We have designed many websites for BrandX , Provided support for many more. If a website is down he calls us. Michael uses us a lot for our problem solving skills

When Heather came to us she was in crisis, her food delivery business in Hartfield had to leave a franchise which meant she had to get a solution of her own ASAP. We accepted the challenge. We developed a food delivery application for her business and being the genius she is; turned the software into a solution for other businesses who want to start food delivery services. This was fun to do

Lucinda runs a successful training business in Centurion but her developer let her down in a big way when he didn’t deliver an application that was supposed to help her deliver training and assessment for her client. We took on the task setup a new domain, setup a website, the training application in less than 24 hours; she was sorted and her client was happy. She promised to Bake any time we wanted.

Tetrapack the multinational food packaging and processing sub-company of Tetra Laval, with head offices in Lund, Sweden, and Pully, Switzerland needed websites for their ice cream division translated to Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and German. We created a Layout for them and translated all the websites.